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Eight of the Best Landscaping Blogs to Follow Right Now

//Eight of the Best Landscaping Blogs to Follow Right Now

Eight of the Best Landscaping Blogs to Follow Right Now

Finding landscaping inspiration and gardening tips online is a daunting task. There are so many different blogs to sift through to find ones that contain that perfect mix of pretty pictures and informative details. Thankfully, we did that job for you. Here are eight landscaping blogs that we love.

1) Urban Greenery

This Tumblr-based blog gathers some of the best urban landscaping photos and posts from around the world. If you’re looking for landscaping inspiration, then this is the blog for you.

2) Cold Climate Gardening

Although the writers of Cold Climate Gardening are based in Upstate New York, most of their tips apply to numerous places. This 16-year-old blog also covers landscaping book reviews, tools, design, and much more.

3) The High Line Blog

The High Line blog gets their inspiration from the elevated High Line garden/walkway that runs through parts of New York City. Although many of the plants that they feature are urban-based, you’ll find a solid amount of information and some inspiration.

4) Birds & Blooms

A combination of gardening and things that you can see in your garden (such as the “birds” in the title of this blog), this publication’s blog contains plenty of facts, tips, and even crafts. Make sure to check out the articles under the “Backyard Projects” tab where you’ll find plenty of information about container gardens.

5) Dirt Simple

Landscape designer Deborah Silver runs Dirt Simple. She also owns a Detroit-based garden and plant shop. On Silver’ blog, you’ll find numerous long-format articles with plenty of pictures. She covers everything from landscape design to construction.

6) You Grow Girl

This gardening blog features a number of growing guides and information sheets that can help everyone from novices to near-experts. Run by Gayla Trail, You Grow Girl’s posts on homemade fertilizer, garden-growth time lapses, and even insects make for interesting reading.

7) Pith + Vigor

According to this blog’s tagline, it covers “garden design, travel, and creative living.” It certainly lives up to its name. Pith + Vigor is the place to go in order to see international landscaping inspiration, beautiful scenery, and creative craft projects featuring materials found outdoors.

8) Garden History Girl

Have you ever wanted to design your backyard landscaping to look like Thomas Edison’s? Or maybe you wanted to create a bench that looked like one designed by Frank Lloyd Wright? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then this garden history blog is for you.

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