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Meeting the Landscaping Needs of a Homeowner’s Association

//Meeting the Landscaping Needs of a Homeowner’s Association

Meeting the Landscaping Needs of a Homeowner’s Association

Homeowner’s Associations

Homeowner’s Associations

Homeowner’s Associations (also known as HOAs) have some landscaping needs. They pride themselves on keeping the community looking nice, which requires well-manicured lawns, properly maintained flower beds, and healthy-looking trees. To a landscaper, such as Moscarino Outdoor Creations, to meet their needs, we need to go over some determining factors.

Packaged Services

HOAs tend to hire services as a package. This means that the landscaper will take care of the common areas, as well as the houses in the development. Of course, this varies, based on the HOA. With that said, some things come standard. These include flower beds, lawns, and other things located on the common property. If there’s a meeting space, an office, or a pool, then there’s most likely some landscaping components around them. These spaces must be kept presentable.

Lawn Care

This is the most important service. Many HOAs hire a landscaping company to care for every yard in their development. When they reach out to the landscaping company, they need to state how many lawns – both front and back – as well as how often they need to be cut. On top of that, do the lawns need to be fertilized? Are any of them in bad shape? Should the soil pH be checked? There’s more to keeping a lawn looking nice than mowing it regularly.

Planting Beds and Trimming Trees

Next up are other landscaping needs. If the HOA hires out the care of all of the planting beds in the development, then this could become rather complicated. The ground needs to be mulched, the flowers and other plants – shrubbery and trees – should be trimmed, and some new annuals or perennials might need to be planted to make up for those that have died. Weeding is one task. Deadheading flowers (removing the wilted petals and the entire part of the flower) is another. Landscaping companies need to ensure that their bid includes all of these things, as well as some contingencies.

Seasonal Clean Up

Speaking of contingencies, yard clean-ups are a necessity when Mother Nature takes a toll on the properties. If a large windstorm has blown through, branches, twigs, and other things will need to be cleaned up in order to make the development look nice again. This, as well as standard seasonal clean-ups, are another part of many landscaping contracts.

If your HOA is in need of a new landscaping company, contact Moscarino Outdoor Creations. We have almost 20 years of experience. Call us today at (440) 236-9000.

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