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Yearly Archives: 2018


Important Facts about the Five Different Types of Lawn Fertilizer

There are five main types of lawn fertilizer. You’ve no doubt seen them in stores or asked your local lawn care company about them. Before you purchase (or hire a company to apply) lawn fertilizer, you first need to know the ins and outs of each variety. 1) Slow release fertilizer Slow release fertilizers do [...]

Add Some Color to Your Commercial Landscaping With These Suggestions

Does your Cleveland commercial landscaping lack color? It’s too easy to just make your green space look, well, green, thanks to some well-trimmed grass and a few hedges. However, adding in some color can make your landscaping stand out from everyone around you. It might even attract some new clients and customers since the exterior [...]

Mulching In Spring: Five Reasons Why This is the Best Season For It

Spring is the best time to mulch in Cleveland, Ohio. Previously, many people believed that this landscaping chore should have been completed in the fall. After all, it insulates the ground throughout the winter – right? Actually, this line of thinking is incorrect. Spring is indeed the best time to spread mulch on your flower [...]

Four Commercial Landscaping Trends You Need To Know About

Commercial landscaping in Cleveland, Ohio doesn’t always follow the trends, although it should. The trends described here can work for many different types of businesses, and are designed to help you save some money on your utility bills while making your commercial property stand out at the same time. The best part is that even [...]

Homeowner’s Association and Landscape Maintenance: Why Communication Is Key

Sometimes a homeowner’s association will sign a contract for general landscaping maintenance without checking with their residents. It doesn’t matter as much when that contract is only for care for common areas and similar things. However, when the association decides to handle all of the yard maintenance for every home in their group, and they [...]

Which Commercial Property Snow Removal Contract Will Meet Your Needs?

Snow. We all know that it’s coming. It could arrive in Northeast Ohio as soon as October, and will most likely stick around through next April. Your business needs to be prepared for the potential onslaught. It’s time to sign a commercial property snow removal contract that will meet your needs. There are three main [...]

Four Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Commercial Snow Removal Service Right Now

Never wait until it’s snowing to hire a commercial snow removal service. Odds are, they’ll be booked solid, and your parking lot will slowly end up the same way – a solid block of ice. Instead, you want to start looking for the best snow removal company now. Here are four other reasons why: 1) [...]

Why You Should Include Flowers in Your Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping usually consists of grass. At least, that’s the number one thing that businesses want in their yards – a nice healthy lawn. Flowers rarely come to mind, even though they have a number of benefits. Before you settle for “just grass” in front of your commercial property, consider having flowers planted for these [...]