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The Importance of Landscaping

Many people place an emphasis on their homes. They spend money upgrading the windows, power washing the exterior, and taking care of things like their porches, awnings, and railings. The landscaping is usually overlooked. It shouldn’t be though. Your home’s landscaping is as much a part of its curb appeal (even if you’re not selling your home) as the structure itself.

Landscaping Ties Everything Together

Every house can benefit from nice landscaping. You need to think beyond a basic flower garden and consider adding shrubbery and trees. They do more than make your yard look great, since they also produce shade. A nice, shady yard will look great from all angles, especially the street. Once your yard looks nice, your neighbors might feel the need to follow suit. The next thing you know, your entire neighborhood will be cohesive.

There’s more to Landscaping than Just Flowers

The flowerbeds surrounding your house are important, but so are the borders, brick paths, and other things that make your yard complete.  Don’t forget about these accents. Looking for landscaping ideas? Consider a pergola or trellis covered in leafy vines or large rose bushes. You can also add a stone or brick walkway that connects one part of your yard to another. Concrete molded or wooden borders can be added to the exterior edges of flower gardens. There are many ideas that go beyond simple flower beds.

Don’t Forget the Lawn

Yes, the lawn. You can spend plenty of time and money planting flowers and placing bricks around the borders of your garden, but if the lawn is neglected, nothing will look right. Your lawn needs to be well taken care of. This means that it needs to be fertilized, sprayed with an herbicide to cut down on weeds (such as dandelions), and mowed regularly.

Expert Landscaping Design

Sure, you could try to create a garden on your own, but it’s just as easy to hire an expert. For example, landscaping design includes knowing which plants bloom at certain times of year in order ensure that your yard has flowers all summer long. Landscapers also know how big certain plants will grow, and can create an attractive arrangement of greenery that works well together.

There are many reasons why you should hire a professional landscaping company to make your yard look great. After all, your landscaping is as important as your home. It’s time to call Moscarino Landscape + Design. You can reach us at (440) 236-9000.

Four Benefits of Hiring a Service to Fertilize Your Lawn

This time of year you’ll start to see ads on TV for lawn services. Fliers will also arrive in the mail informing you about lawn fertilization packages. Why? This is the best time of the year to start taking care of your lawn. It all starts with a thorough application of fertilizer. Here are four reasons why you should hire a service to fertilize your lawn for you.

1) Your lawn will look better.

This is the most obvious reason. Fertilizing your grass adds nitrogen, which seeps into its root structure. All plants need this essential nutrient, which makes them healthier. Your lawn is no different. You’ll be surprised at how much better it will look after it’s fertilized.

2) Everything will happen according to a schedule.

Although homeowners start out with the best intentions, they don’t always follow through on time. “I’ll fertilize the lawn on Saturday” turns into, “I’ll do it sometime two weeks from now.” This isn’t what’s best for your lawn. If you hire a service, then you know that your lawn care will be done on time, according to the schedule.

3) The experts know how to apply fertilizer evenly.

One of the trickiest things about applying fertilizer is getting it to spread out evenly over your entire lawn. It’s easy to over apply it one area and then under-apply it in another. This is particularly true if you’re using granule-based fertilizer. Lawn care companies have access to professional tools that ensure your lawn ends up with a nice, even coating of fertilizer each and every time.

4) Your lawn will receive the right type of fertilizer.

Did you know that there are several different types of grass fertilizer? The experts know which ones to use depending on your soil conditions. They might test your soil first to see which type will work best, or they’ll be able to tell just by looking at your grass. Some things, like yellowing grass and signs of disease, make it clear which kind needs to be used. This is much more accurate than trying to choose a type of fertilizer by yourself.

If you’re ready to hire a lawn service and spend the summer looking a nice patch of green grass (as opposed to yellow, dying grass or weeds), then call Moscarino Landscape + Design. You can reach us at (440) 236-9000.


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