Aggressive Strategies

While the economy has been down the past couple of years, Chas Moscarino continued to grow his company. Moscarino is the President of landscape company Moscarino Outdoor Creations Inc.

Chas and Chris Moscarino

Chas and Chris Moscarino

“We’ve been aggressive,” he says. “Through the down economy, we’ve turned up our marketing and got more aggressive with sales and hired more salespeople. A lot of people were laying off their help, and we were taking the best talent we could find.”

Hiring Additional Employees

He looks at it as a long-term investment for the company, because he feels that people are one of his biggest assets and keys to success.

“If we could get quality people in a down economy, we were going to take that and make it work,” he says. “They came in knowing the expectations that if they stuck it out, they’d be rewarded for it. They’re starting to see it now, especially with the growth.”

It’s All About Taking a Risk

On top of hiring new talent, Moscarino just got done building a new facility last year. As you can imagine, this was a big task to take on. He wasn’t sure if he was making the right move. Thankfully, after consulting with his CPA and a consultant who works with the company, they decided to take the risk. It is already paying off.

“You have to take risk,” he says. “You have to take calculated risks. Make sure you look through all the pros and cons before you make a decision, but at the end of the day, you have to take that risk.”

What The Future Holds

As he looks toward the future, he anticipates hiring more talent and people who have knowledge of the industry. In addition to this, he wants to build another branch in the next three years. Increaing the company’s marketing efforts every year is another goal.

“We track everything and have a niche for what works for us,” Moscarino says. “A lot of the companies completely cut out the marketing, and we turned it up, and that made a huge difference in our sales.”

You can begin the process of completing your backyard makeover by calling Moscarino Outdoor Creations, at 440-236-9000.