Landscape Design Strategies

Moscarino Outdoor Creations shares their secrets for creating exquisite landscapes that remain beautiful season after season.

Have you ever gone on a Sunday drive and discovered a well landscaped neighborhood with so much character and beauty that you and your spouse began daydreaming about which address would be your favorite place to reside?

Curious about what makes a landscape successful, I asked brothers Chas and Chris Moscarino of Moscarino Outdoor Creations for their opinions when we spoke recently. Their company has been wildly successful as one of the area’s top resources for residential, commercial and community landscape maintenance, due in large part to their attention to detail and their passion for beautiful grounds-keeping. In a short time that passion led to the creation of their design/build division. Today, Moscarino Outdoor Creations is considered one of the top landscape firms in the region with an extensive portfolio of stunning hardscape man-women-plansand landscape projects to their credit.

Chas provided some insights to common landscape errors. “If you see a tree in a front border garden that obscures the house or shrubs on either side of a front porch or that has grown to block entry to the front door, it’s a sure sign that the growth of the ornamentals was not planned for,” he explains. “Planting beautiful specimen plants too close to adjacent features—like patios and walks— can lead to ‘heaving’ of the surfaces due root growth and expansion.”

These problems, Chas says, are just a couple of common landscape foibles. “That’s why it is so important to create a comprehensive strategy that will tie landscaping with lifestyle elements, like patios, fire pits and outdoor kitchens or visual elements such as water features and beds,” he cautions. “The challenge is to create balanced beauty throughout the seasons.”

“So a good plan is the secret to having a picture perfect landscape?” I asked. Chas smiled and explained. “It’s no different than any other home improvement project. A great landscape begins with a great plan. You have to consider how all of the components are going to work together. Unlike an interior design, our elements change by the season and grow every year. To achieve this balance we feel fortunate to have some of the best designers in the industry on staff. You would have to digest a stack of books on horticulture and landscape architecture to approach their ability to assemble a comprehensive landscape plan.”

The many design elements Moscarino takes into consideration include:

Perspective Not just what will your landscape look like from your curb, but how it will look from inside your home, how it will look to your neighbors and when you are approaching it from down the street.

Seasonality and Style They “design in” beauty and interest so your yard will be beautiful every month of the year. Designs include anything from formal to casual or from a country cottage yard to a serene Asian-influenced garden.

Balance Moscarino creates play areas, entertainment areas, private spaces and public spaces that all work together, utilizing plants that complement each other—all for an effect that is pleasing to the eye.


Chris and Chas Moscarino

Architectural Features Be it a walk way, a patio, an outdoor kitchen, a water feature or a simple place to reflect, Chas and his team integrate the features you want into a master plan that complements your home.

Budget Moscarino can design your new landscape to be done in phases. That way your yard can be transformed affordably over the years.

Chris asked me to pass along a special offer to Mimi readers: “We’re giving away a comprehensive backyard design (an average $500 value) to the first five people who call us on Saturday, March 27 to book an appointment for a free consultation,” he invited. “And for your readers who need a hand getting their yard looking its best this year, we’re booking spring clean-up and mulch installation now. We strongly suggest people call and book early for these services because we have such a large demand every spring.”

You can begin the process of completing your backyard makeover by calling Moscarino Outdoor Creations, at 440-236-9000.