Moscarino Outdoor Creations has recently moved into its own brand new, 9,000 square foot facility located on 36 acres—with a staff of over 50 people.

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A very wise gentleman (let’s call him “Bob”) has been quite successful in residential and commercial land development for years. He once gave me some advice about landscapers and builders. To paraphrase, Bob said something like: “It always pays to hire quality contractors, especially when it comes to things like landscape and structures that are too difficult and too expensive to change after a project is finished. When you find a good contractor, hang on to him.”

This brings me to Chas and Chris Moscarino, president and vice president of Moscarino Outdoor Creations. Together, they strive to be just that kind of contractor. Over the past several years I’ve written a number of stories about these highly successful brothers, so people continue to ask me why I hold such admiration for their company. I can sum it up in three words: value, passion, and professionalism.


Moscarino Outdoor Creations transforms dreams into reality.

Value There is often considerable confusion regarding what defines value. For a landscaper, it’s someone who takes the time to get to know you and your family—your likes and your dislikes, how you relax and how you play—and translates that knowledge into a design that you’ll love season after season.

Chas expanded on just how he and his staff do this. “Many people have a difficult time envisioning what an overhead design will look like once it’s completed,” he told me. “We create a design that incorporates photos of your home and illustrates the actual changes in different phases of the project.

We then adjust the design to accommodate your likes and dislikes after our first design presentation. Next, we break it out in phases, if you wish, to create your dream yard over a period of time rather than all at once. We discover important things—like how many guests are present when you entertain, or what size table or grill you plan on using— so we can design a patio with the proper square footage. If you have a pet, we may want to create a separate traffic path for them. If there’s a sports fan in your family who enjoys time outside, we can work in an indoor/outdoor flat screen TV under a new pergola, or maybe you would enjoy a water feature near an area designed for spending some quiet time. Most of our clients have an idea of what their dream outdoor space would look like but just can’t figure out how to put it all together. That’s what our team does best, and that makes our projects stand out in any neighborhood.”

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Moscarino Outdoor Creations have “certified installer status” for the Unilock brand pavers and the Moscarino’s have installed many patios, fire pits, retaining walls, paths and more in Northeast Ohio.

Chas says homeowners often don’t realize how simple it is for Moscarino to create features they might think impossible. “Outdoor kitchens are really popular right now,” he said. “Some people only want a patio and a grill, but we can run water, gas and electric lines from your house to make a complete kitchen a reality.”

“Once your design plan is completed, we give you a file of all of the plants that are being installed for your records and ease of maintenance,” Chris added with pride. It’s attention to details like this that has created a loyal following for Moscarino. Value is also in knowing the job is done right to begin with and a costly change won’t be necessary at some later date due to an oversight in the design phase.

“Once your design plan is completed, we give you a file of all of the plants that are being installed for your records and ease of maintenance.”

Passion Passion is what happens when you take a talented student majoring in International Finance at Baldwin Wallace College—who is headed toward a promising career on Wall Street—and put him behind a lawnmower one summer to help pay for a world cruise with other gifted students. That’s exactly what happened to Chas Moscarino, who decided he enjoys working with nature creating beauty more than working with banks to create fat portfolios.

Go figure. “I started a lawn mowing business in my dad’s garage with the idea that it would pay for a college trip and help me with school expenses until I graduated,” Chas shared with me during a recent visit. “People seemed to like what I was doing and I started getting requests to do their landscape work.”

About that time, Chas’ younger brother Chris—then a marketing student at Kent State University—came on board and the business grew more serious. As the brothers ventured into building professional patios, fire pits and retaining walls, they began doing much more design work, which would soon become known as their famous “outdoor creations.” Credentials, such as certified installer status for products like Unilock pavers, soon followed.

“That was when Chas was ready to graduate and make the move to New York,” Chris recalled. “It seemed that no one else saw it coming, but I knew my brother loved this business as much as I did and he wasn’t going anywhere. “So there went the three piece suits, the New York City guide, and his escape to the big city. “I wouldn’t change a thing,” Chas shared.

The passion the brother’s share has permeated their entire organization. Designers, project supervisors, office staff and the team members who create beautiful landscapes all over Northeast Ohio share a similar mission. Talking to any one of them, you realize that they feel they work for a pretty special company whose chief goal really is to satisfy customers.

Professionalism That commitment to customer satisfaction is what makes Moscarino such a professional organization to deal with and, in turn, has fueled some serious growth, for which the company has been nationally recognized. As Moscarino became known for high quality lawn maintenance and residential landscaping, homeowners, businesses and condo associations began approaching them to handle their maintenance needs.

“We discover important things—like how many guests are present when you entertain—so we can design a patio with the proper square footage.”

“It was such a natural progression we were able to move right into the commercial lawn maintenance and snow business,” Chris noted. “We are now one of the largest family owned commercial landscapers in the area. We have developed a reputation for catering to our customers, so we treat the two divisions separately in order to service the unique differences in needs between our residential and our commercial customers.”


Chris (left) and Chas Moscarino, owners of Moscarino Outdoor Creations, and designer Tom Vitou.

That professional approach can be seen everywhere—from the clean, newer vehicles and equipment they bring to the job, to the uniforms their employees wear, to the proactive approach of addressing any potential problems immediately before they become costly. Most of all it’s apparent by their concern for keeping their customers happy.

And it has paid off for them in spades. After moving from their father’s garage to a house with a large garage to a large rented commercial building, Moscarino recently moved a third time into their own brand new, 9,000 square foot facility located on 36 acres—with a staff of over 50 people and plans for future expansion! It took hard work and a lot of very loyal, satisfied customers for this company to come so far in less than ten years. My friend Bob is now retired, but I think he would have hung on to these fellows for sure.

You can begin the process of completing your backyard makeover by calling Moscarino Outdoor Creations, at 440-236-9000.