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Additional Services

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  • Grub Control-
    Our Grub preventative is a one- time application done in late spring- early summer, to prevent turf damaging grub worms from eating the root systems of your grass. This recommended treatment will ensure that you are protecting your lawn from the damage grub worms can cause.
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  • Flea and Tick
    Our Flea and Tick program is three applications. It creates a barrier, protecting your pets from Fleas and Ticks, adding an extra layer of protection from the problems these insects can cause.

  • Tree and Shrub
    Our Tree and Shrub program is six applications. It consists of root zone injections, insect and disease sprays, and a dormant oil spray. It protects your trees and shrubs, while giving them the food they need to grow stronger and healthier.
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  • Lime
    Our Lime application is offered on an as needed basis. Lawn Lime applications corrects the pH balance of your soil by neutralizing the acidity or alkalinity. Some lawns need some extra help to optimize results, so if you are not seeing results, it might be time for a soil test.
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  • Soil Tests
    We will pull soil sample from your lawn and send it to Ohio State University. They will test the pH levels, along with other components to help us analyze any issues. Once the results are sent back, we can tailor a custom solution that will help your lawn thrive.

  • Mosquito Control
    Our Mosquito Control program is six applications. It consists of spraying the harborage areas where mosquito’s like to hang out. It eradicates on contact, and the residual effects help prevent mosquito’s from coming back.

  • Aeration
    Our Core Aeration is a one- time service, usually recommended in the fall. It pulls 2-3 inch plugs from your soil, roughly every 4-6 inches and allows more oxygen, sunlight, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into your root zones. It promotes thicker roots for a healthier lawn and reduces compaction.
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  • Over-seeding
    Our Over- Seeding is a one- time service, offered in the fall. We broadcast premium blends of seed across your lawn to help thicken up any thin areas, and help increase the overall density of your turf. We recommend this be done with an Aeration to help aid in the growing process.
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  • Slice Seeding
    Our Slice Seeding service is offered on an as needed basis. Slice Seeding is beneficial for severely damaged or bare turf. It scores the surface of the ground, and drops seeds in. The scores in the ground help the grass seeds take root, as opposed to broadcasting seeds onto your lawn.

  • Perimeter Pest Control
    Our Perimeter Pest Control program is a four step program. We spray around the perimeter of your home, creating a barrier to keep the bugs out. We apply each treatment just before insects are in their peak and help protect your home from insects.

  • Sod Installation
    Our Sod Installation is recommended for new lawns, or severely damaged lawns. We install sod grown locally, and recommend avoiding installation during hot, dry summer months.

  • New Lawn Installation
    Our Hydro- Seeding process is a special spray that consists of water, fertilizer, grass seed, bio- stimulants, etc. in a slurry form. It is sprayed on new lawns and helps the you establish a lawn faster than some other methods. Hydro- Seeding helps prevent erosion, and the special spray protects the grass seed giving way to higher germination rates.