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Four Things You Need To Know About Commercial Landscaping

//Four Things You Need To Know About Commercial Landscaping

Four Things You Need To Know About Commercial Landscaping

The importance of commercial landscaping is often overlooked. It plays a crucial role in how your business is presented to the public. It’s too easy to think that you can handle this landscaping yourself. The time that you spend making the front yard of your business look nice eats into your productivity. You’re better off hiring a landscaping company to handle this for you. We understand everything that’s involved in making your company’s yard look great. Here are four things that you need to know.

1) Add plants and shrubs – don’t have them removed.

Every detail matters when it comes to your commercial location. Of course, if you have existing plants that haven’t been cared for properly and are dead or dying, they do need to be removed. But once they’re out of the ground, they should be replaced. You want your front entryway to look welcoming, and nothing does that job as well as some greenery.

2) There’s more involved than just mowing the lawn.

Most businesses have at least a small strip of lawn in front of them. This is the first thing that many companies hire a commercial landscaper for – to mow that bit of lawn. However, we can also prune your shrubberies, plant flowers, and take care of the borders between your flowerbeds and the lawn. We can do whatever is required to make your yard look nice. And yes, mowing the lawn is a part of that, just not the only component.

3) Don’t forget to care for your landscaping.

Caring for your grass and plants involved more than just mowing the lawn. Everything will need to be properly watered and fertilized. Those flower beds need to be weeded and tended to. When you include landscaping in your yearly budget, make sure that you factor in these additional services. Otherwise, you’ll end up with dying flowers and a weed-strewn lawn. This is the opposite of the image that you want to present to the world.

4) Planters are a great option.

If you want to brighten up the doors to your business, but don’t have any flowerbeds, choose some planters. There are plenty of different ones to pick from and just as many types of flowers that will happily grow in them. These planters can make your entryway look less bleak, as they add some necessary color.

If you’d like to know more about what commercial landscaping entails, please contact us. You can fill out the contact form on our website or call us at 440-236-9000.

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