Hardscape Installation in North Royalton, Ohio

Not everyone can afford to live in the country. Fortunately, where you live doesn’t have to stop you from turning your suburban home into a natural outdoor wonder. With a little help from Moscarino Outdoor Creations and a pile of natural stone, almost any property can be given the fresh-air feel.

Not too long ago, we were contacted by homewoners to perform a hardscape installation in North Royalton, Ohio. The property had little landscaping to speak of, and according to the homeowner, had become a little bit of an eye sore. He decided to freshen things up a bit, and after looking through our photo gallery, determined he wanted to focus the look on natural stone outcroppings.

After performing a walk-around of the property, we created a new design perfect for his residence. We added a carefully-laid, gorgeous stone-slab stairway and then created two mulch beds on either side with various plant materials. After the mulch was laid and plants selected, our landscapers installed a beautiful and serene waterfall water feature. Not only did this give an outdoorsy, fresh-air look to the front of the house, but it also raised the property value and made his home much easier to sell should he choose to do so in the future.

The power of hardscape installation cannot be underestimated. If you wish to add this appeal to your home, contact our landscapers today. We’ll swing on by and get started on the landscape of your dreams!


Before Hardscape Steps Leading Downhill


Hardscape Steps Leading Downhill

Before Hardscape Steps with Mulch

Hardscape Steps with Mulch

Before Hexagonal Paver Patio

Hexagonal Paver Patio