Sometimes a homeowner’s association will sign a contract for general landscaping maintenance without checking with their residents. It doesn’t matter as much when that contract is only for care for common areas and similar things. However, when the association decides to handle all of the yard maintenance for every home in their group, and they didn’t clear it with the homeowners, problems can ensue. In order to prevent any potential problems, homeowners and association managers need to communicate with each other properly.

Do You Want to Do Your Own Yard Work?

In some cases, the homeowners prefer to tackle their own yard work. They want to mow the lawn, trim the trees, and even take care of the flower beds and other things. As long as their yards meet the association regulations, then this shouldn’t be a problem – until an all-encompassing contract is signed with a landscaping company. If you’re the homeowner in this situation, simply tell the board that you prefer to take care of your own yard. They can make sure that yours isn’t included in the contract or that some concessions are made. Even if you just want to care for a certain part of your yard on your own, everything can be worked out with proper communication.

HOAs Need To Alert Their Residents

There’s nothing worse than a homeowner getting caught unaware that their yard is going to be worked on. Some of the more paranoid ones may even call the police, thinking that there are some shenanigans afoot. The Homeowner’s Association needs to let the homeowner know when the landscapers will arrive. In fact, they must alert the homeowners to everything that’s going on, from trash pickup schedules to tree trimming days. A simple newsletter or flyer should be enough to communicate this with the residents.

Not only will communication prevent paranoid homeowners from resorting to drastic measures, but it will also ensure that the landscaping goes off without a hitch. There’s nothing worse than finding children’s toys, pet’s toys, and other things on the lawn when the company should be mowing. Items like invisible fences need to be marked as well, in order to prevent disasters from happening. As long as the residents know when mowing day is, they can clean up the yard beforehand.

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