Landscape Design Videos

Our landscape design process begins and ends with the client

From the first meeting to the final walkthrough, we understand the importance of listening to and working directly with the client. Throughout the landscape design process, compromises are inevitable, but our goal is to make our clients happy with their new outdoor living space.

Check out how our landscaping team prepares each morning before heading out to service client properties

Our dedicated landscape professionals get ready for the day ahead before the sun comes up. They have a lot to do at client properties and need quite a few tools.  Communication is key, especially since our team members must work together even when they are in different locations.  Before they head out to see clients, they must complete many different tasks. Of course, you can get a sneak peek of them here.

Get a quick glimpse at the process behind building a quality paver patio

Building a paver patio requires several steps. First, the crew digs up the ground for the base. Then, they frame the base and pour the concrete. Next, the crews carefully lay the pavers according to the design decided upon by the customers. Here, you can see the process in motion!