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All about Residential Maintenance and Fertilization

//All about Residential Maintenance and Fertilization

All about Residential Maintenance and Fertilization

Maintenance and Fertilization

Now that spring is almost here; it’s time to begin thinking about residential landscaping needs. What does this mean? Well, it means that before you start searching for the best landscaping company for your yard, you first need to decide what you want that company to do. Residential landscaping falls into several categories, including:

Lawn FertilizationFertilization and Lawn Care

Lawn care is the number one thing that people think of when they hire a landscaping service. They want their lawns mowed and fertilized properly. However, there are some other things that a landscaper can do to ensure that those lawns are in great condition. They can plant grass seeds (depending on the time of year) to fill in patchy sections. They can test the pH of your soil and apply treatments to adjust it if necessary. There are ways to strengthen the root systems and kill of any weeds. Lawn care involves much more than just mowing.

Flower GardenFlowerbed Maintenance

A landscaping company can also care for your flowerbeds. Many people don’t realize this since they only focus on their lawns. Like with lawn care, this also involves fertilizing your flowerbeds. Pulling weeds, deadheading flowers, and planting new flowers fall into this category as well. A landscaping company can save you time and keep your flower beds looking nice. All that you need to do is inquire about services and see if these tasks can be added to your contract.

yard-care-services-clevelandTrees and Shrubbery

Finally, some trees and shrubs need to be trimmed. Don’t forget about them! Rather than deal with them yourself, hire your landscaping company to take care of them for you. Trees and shrubs need to be trimmed at certain times of the year to keep their growth patterns consistent – and to avoid harming them. A professional company knows what they’re doing, so why not outsource this part of your yard maintenance?

What Happens After a Storm?

Yard clean up is something that many homeowners struggle with. Imagine this: a thunderstorm rolls through bringing high winds with it. Many branches fall out of the trees in your yard, or they’re blown there by a neighbor’s. Who’s responsible for cleaning up them? If it’s in your contract, then your landscaping company is. This is just one additional thing to consider when choosing a landscaper.

If you’re looking for a new landscaping company, then please contact Moscarino Outdoor Creations. You can reach us at (440) 236-9000.

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