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Lawn Aeration

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Lawn Aeration Services

Lawn aeration is the process of perforating the soil in your yard with small holes that remove cores of soil, thatch, and grass. This process allows water, nutrients, air, and fertilizer to penetrate the soil more effectively. Aeration enables grass roots to grow more deeply and it produces a thicker, healthier, and lusher lawn to surround your home.

Fall Lawn Aeration
Typically aeration is performed in the fall. Aeration is especially beneficial when your landscape has poor drainage, fails to turn green after fertilization, or shows areas of intense wear and tear from children or pets. If you are considering reseeding your lawn, it is best to aerate prior to the seed application to open up the lawn and allow seeds the very best atmosphere to prosper.

If your next move is to look up “How to Aerate My Lawn,” contact us instead so that we can share the most effective methods to improve your lawn.

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