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Lawn Overseeding Services

Over time the lawns tend to have a natural deceleration of turf growth. If you find yourself wondering how to make your grass grow, it may be time to consider a lawn overseeding plan. Though many homeowners believe that fertilization is all that is needed to keep a turf lush and free of weeds, an overseeding application can be the most effective way to thicken and beautify your lawn.

Another important benefit of overseeding is disease prevention. Disease resistance in seeds improve year after year, so newer seeds are better off than the older varieties in your lawn.

When to Overseed
Early fall is the most effective time to overseed, although the process can also be effective in the spring. Occasional aeration or dethatching will help prepare your lawn for a successful over-seeding application.

Lawn overseeding should be considered every three to six years to ensure that your lawn stays dense and healthy. Thin and patchy grass allows weeds to penetrate and ruin your landscape.

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