Sunken Patio Patio in Strongsville, Ohio

Family time is something that all good parents want, but something that they tend to get less and less of as their children grow up. With this in mind, a Strongsville couple contacted us with a brilliant idea. They wanted more family time out of the house, but travelling arrangements were too expensive and took away from the already-limited time they might spend together. Their solution? To have a sunken patio added to their backyard which could accomodate the entire family around a fire pit.

The first step in building this new patio in Strongsville, Ohio was completing the design. After input from our landscapers, the couple decided on a circular brick paver patio with 3’ foot natural stone walls. To promote the concept of togetherness, they wanted only one main entrance/exit cut into the wall. To complete the natural appeal, a stone path leading to the entrance was installed and a small, encircling mulch bed was put in. Flowering shrubs and embedded stones contrasted the dark brown mulch, creating a compelling scenery that seemed to draw people inwards.

If you find your family needing more family time, consider contacting Moscarino for the perfect outdoor fire pit landscape design in Strongsville, Ohio. Flames add a soothing quality to the atmosphere and have the potential to relieve stress and promote blissful relaxation.


Before Circular Patio with Fire Pit


Circular Patio with Fire Pit

Before Enclosed Paver Patio

Enclosed Paver Patio

Before Sunk-In Paver Patio

Sunk-In Paver Patio