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Top Ten Colorful Plant Choices For Your Patio

//Top Ten Colorful Plant Choices For Your Patio

Top Ten Colorful Plant Choices For Your Patio

A patio garden can be a stunning addition to your yard. These gardens are easy to care for since each plant grows in a container. This means less weeding, something that no one enjoys. If you’re looking for add some color to your patio or porch, look no further than these ten very colorful plants.

1) Geraniums

Geraniums need soil that drains well. They require between six and eight hours of sunlight a day, so make sure to place in a sunlit spot on your patio or deck.

2) Jasmine

Jasmine is less colorful than some of the other plants on this list, but it smells great and makes a nice addition to a patio container garden.

3) Angelonia

Angelonia, also known as snapdragon, comes in a wide array of colors. This plant loves hot weather and will thrive all summer long.

4) Plumbago

Plumbago is actually a shrub that will grow to be between eight and ten feet tall. However, a younger plant fits nicely in a patio planter. Just be prepared to replant it in your yard at a later date.

5) Pentas

Depending on the climate, pentas are either perennials or annuals. Here in Ohio, they’re going to be annuals. These pink, purple, red, or white flowers attract birds to your yard.

6) Gardenias

Gardenia plants produce fairly large flowers. They like hot weather and mix of both sun and shade, making them ideal to grow in pots that can be moved around.

7) Petunias

Grandiflora petunias are excellent container-based plants. They come in a number of different colors and can add some variety to your patio garden. However, you do need to keep them out of the rain, since it can damage them.

8) Impatiens

Impatiens attract birds to your yard, making them ideal if you have a lot of cats who like to sit indoors and look out the window. These flowers come in white, red, yellow, purple, orange, and pink.

9) Sunflowers

Most sunflowers reach a height of six feet tall. Thankfully, there are plenty of shorter varieties that will grow properly in a container. Look for the Music Box, Pacino, Teddybear, and Big Smile varietals. They’ll grow to be no more than three feet tall.

10) Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet is a tropical plant that grows into a large tree. However, in Ohio’s climate, it stays small and will thrive in a container – as long as you bring it indoors on cool nights.

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