Lawn maintenance is a series of necessary tasks that include mowing your lawn, adding fertilizer, and doing everything required to make the patch of grass surrounding your house as healthy and green as possible. Why do you need to tackle regular lawn maintenance? Here are some of the more important reasons.

Cities and Housing Developments Require Proper Maintenance

Let’s start with the simplest reason why lawn maintenance matters – it’s the law. Almost every city has a law in its books regarding lawn care. If your grass gets to be too long, and you ignore the many warnings given out by the city, they’ll fine you, mow your lawn themselves, and then charge you for it. Also, housing developments, especially those with homeowners associations, have rules about lawn maintenance. This is why many of them choose to hire a landscaper to handle the job for you.

Your Lawn Adds Oxygen to the Atmosphere

Did you know that every green, living organism on the planet adds oxygen to the atmosphere? These plants, lawns included, take in carbon dioxide and send out oxygen. It also traps pollutants during this process. A lawn that measures roughly 50 feet by 50 feet produces enough oxygen to maintain a family of four. Obviously, this amount goes up if your lawn is bigger. However, if your lawn isn’t properly cared for, then it isn’t as effective as it should be.

Increases Your Property Value

It goes without saying that curb appeal is crucial. If you’re trying to sell your house, then nothing is better than making every inch of the outside look nice. This includes your landscaping. Potential buyers will be more likely to consider a house with a nice lawn and some healthy plants. Plus, the quality of the lawns will make the entire neighborhood look better.

Produces an Air Conditioning Effect On The Outdoors

Yes, you read that right. Many people are aware of the fact that trees create indoor shade, making them less likely to need to use air conditioning. However, your front lawn can cool down the outdoors. Studies have shown that eight yards full of green grass have the effect of creating 70 tons of air conditioning. This is quite a bit!

Does Your Lawn Need Maintenance?

If you need lawn maintenance, then call Moscarino Landscape + Design. We have many years of experience and can keep your lawn looking healthy.