The local, family-owned landscape company that began with a garage, a mower and a dream has grown to well over 100 employees with two locations, a massive fleet of vehicles and equipment, and a prestigious list of both residential and commercial customers. We asked Chas Moscarino, president of Moscarino Landscape and Design, how he grew his company into one of the largest and most successful in the region. His answer was a little surprising. It isn’t because they always had the lowest price or got the job done in the least amount of time. It’s because of the Moscarino team and the level of service they offer their customers which is similar in quality to what you would expect to experience at a fine spa or resort.

Property Maintenance with no Apologies

“Our company is a lot like a concierge for your yard, whether you are a homeowner or a homeowner’s association. When we are maintaining your property, we advise you on what things should or should not be done,” Chas says. “When circumstances you may or may not be aware of become a problem for your lawn or landscape, we present you with our insight and, if necessary, a menu of optional solutions. We stay on top of what is happening out in your yard so you can spend more time enjoying it and less time attempting to resolve the problem yourself. Despite our strong focus on service, our clients nd themselves amazed at how reasonable the cost of our programs are.”

Every Backyard Can Be a Dream Backyard

“When you are ready for that dream backyard project, we’re here to not only design and build it, but also to advise you at every step on making any key improvements that you desire,” Chas explains. “You don’t create a backyard oasis every day, but we do. Our extensive experience with these projects allows us to provide you with valuable insight that creates a better result and saves money along the way. Improvements can be the construction of new outdoor areas to live and play in. It could also include new plantings to enhance your yard’s appearance or curb appeal. If you have an older home with landscape you love that has become overgrown and unmanageable, we will work with you to rehabilitate it in a manner that suits your tastes and lifestyle.”

Communication is Key

“We are passionate about communication,” Chas emphasizes. “If you call us before 5 p.m., we will return your call the same day. We believe it is important to listen carefully to our clients. That way we can deliver their project exactly as they desire. Just as important, we are careful to ask the right questions.”

When we maintain a yard, we make certain we learn exactly what the owner’s expectations are up front,” he adds. “Every customer is assigned a manager to answer questions or resolve any problems”

Prepare to Be Pampered

Once you contact Moscarino about your project, they are going to ask a lot of questions. During this consultation, it is all about you. They are going to want to know the size of your family living at home. The size of your extended family including frequent guests. Is your family active? They want to know your color preferences, what style you like inside and outside of your home. Do you have pets? Do you like to garden, or would you like your landscape low maintenance? What are your ideas? What does your dream look like? Did you bring pictures of what inspires you or sketches of your personal dream? Do you need to do it all now or would you rather do it in stages over several years as your family grows? Do you want privacy? What are your plant preferences? Do you cook and who does the grilling in your family? What is your budget? And, yes, they understand budgets and strive to give you the most for your dollar. Expect this level of attention to detail in every step of the process.

After the team has absorbed this information from you, they invite you back for the presentation of a 3D rendition of your dream yard as you requested. Then they usually present something else that includes some ideas and suggestions of their own.

Design Trends for 2018

• Upgrading surfaces to Travertine Marble or Bluestone

• Incorporating “Egg” style Kamado Grills into outdoor kitchen areas

• Still hot as ever – Fireplaces and fire pits
• Landscaping with all season color and interest.

The First Step

With Moscarino Landscape & Design’s experience and commitment to customer service, every step, beginning with your first call, becomes more fun and exciting as your project grows.

Excited already? Contact Moscarino Landscape & Design by calling 440-236-9000 or email them at [email protected] so you can enjoy your amenity- lled backyard this year. For added inspiration, please visit