In-Ground Pool Backyard Design in Avon Lake, Ohio

Wherever you live in Ohio, you are going to experience changing weather conditions. The average summer temperature in Northeast Ohio is around 80 degrees, and pools are a popular form of cooling off for residents in this city. Jumping in the pool in Avon Lake, Ohio after a long day is just one way to enjoy hot days in the summer. Pools are a great way to relax, and the hotter the weather gets, the more popular they become.

Moscarino worked on this backyard design in Avon Lake, Ohio using a layout to determine the best location for the pool and surrounding paver patio, based on the back yard dimensions. This in-ground pool landscape design project in not only included the pool and patio, but an outdoor kitchen covered by a roof extension as well.

Having a pool is an easy way to enjoy your summer, cool off, and relax all in one. Moscarino is currently providing in-ground pool construction in and around Cleveland, Ohio. Once this project in Now one more customer that can fully enjoy their backyard and the summers to come.


Before Fire Pit and Roof Extension


Fire Pit and Roof Extension

Before In-Ground Pool and Outdoor Kitchen

In-Ground Pool and Outdoor Kitchen

Before Kitchen Under Roof Extension

Kitchen Under Roof Extension