Garden Bed Maintenance

Weed Control

There is nothing worse than a landscape bed filled with unsightly weeds. Garden beds enclose your trees, shrubs, and flowers, and weeding garden beds is important to retaining the curb appeal of your home and preventing pests.

Although prevention is the best option for prohibiting weeds from appearing in your landscape beds, some pesky weeds make it past your hard work. Moscarino Landscape + Design provides pre- and post-emergent weed control solutions to attack any potential or existing weed problem.

When weeds appear in your landscape bed, they steal necessary nutrients offered by the soil, rain, and sun. They also disturb the beauty of your planted flowers, trees, and plants within the fertilized soil. In order to enjoy a beautiful and healthy bed, it is necessary to protect all landscaping projects from weeds. There are several ways to combat emerging weeds, both before and after they have germinated. We offer effective prevention, as well as a plan of attack for the weeds that slip through the cracks.

Pre-emergent weed control, such as seasonal fertilization and herbicides prevent weeds from surpassing the seed stage.

Post-emergent weed control is necessary when stubborn weeds mature and appear in your landscape beds. Hand pulling weeds out of a garden bed, combined with an herbicide, is typically a successful method to ensure weed control.

Deep Edging of Landscape Beds

Your landscape beds highlight your home and protect your shrubbery, flowers, and greenery. Deep curved lines that clearly define your landscape beds and lawn will tie your garden to your home with a crisp, clean look. A landscape bed that is properly edged assists with weed prevention and is easier to mow around.

Creating a deep edge around your landscape beds is a necessary step prior to mulching. A well-edged bed keeps grass in your lawn and out of your landscape beds. Plastic, metal, brick, stone, rock, and poured edging are all options with different levels of professionalism, ease of implementation, cost, and maintenance requirements.

Moscarino Landscape + Design will assess your landscape needs and provide you with recommendations that fit your yard’s personality and budget.

We also offer a variety of other landscape bed maintenance services, including: