Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio

For over 15 years, Moscarino has been designing and installing low-voltage outdoor lighting and outdoor LED lighting for landscapes, walkways, gardens, pools, patios, decks, front yards, and back yards for homeowners in Northeast Ohio.

We know that the perfect landscape lighting will accent the surrounding landscape as well as add value, safety, curb appeal, and a warm welcome to your home.

Our professionally trained specialists and installation technicians are some of the best in the industry.


Landscape Lighting Services

  • New Landscape Lighting Design and Installation
  • Landscape Lighting Maintenance
  • Landscape Lighting LED Retrofitting

Design Process

Our landscape lighting design team will work with you to find the right outdoor landscape lighting for your needs and budget.

We design and construct a superior lighting system that adds value to your property and provides aesthetically pleasing visual effects

Other factors for consideration in a lighting plan include:

  • Providing path and area lighting to reduce injuries in dark areas.
  • Ensuring long service life with durable and corrosion-resistant fixtures.
  • Making the most of outdoor living areas after sunset.
  • Enhancing the beauty of your home and maximizing the nighttime drama by playing up key features of architecture.
  • Creating a stunning show of garden features such as trees, garden pools, ponds or waterfalls.
  • Allowing the lighting plan to grow over time as needed.

Incorporating LED landscape lighting into your design provides additional benefits such as:

  • Less Energy Use – Lower Utility Costs Over Time
  • Easier Upgrades – Compared to Halogen Systems
  • Extended Service Life – 25x Longer than Halogen Systems
  • Safer – Lamps Operate at Lower Temperatures

Landscape Lighting Techniques

There are many techniques that we utilize to maximize serviceability and create dramatic effects.

The most widely used lighting techniques include:

  • Accent Lighting
  • Area Lighting
  • Uplighting
  • Downlighting
  • Moonlighting
  • Silhouetting (Backlighting)
  • Grazing
  • Spotlighting
  • Underwater Lighting
  • Dedicated Step Lighting
  • Driveway Lighting
  • Transformer Box Options (Timers, Photocells, Automatic Dimming, and more)

The design and installation teams work closely to identify the most appropriate fixtures for any application, including wires and wire connectors.

Our design services can be purchased separately, and most of our professional lighting designs can be completed in just a few days

Landscape Lighting Installation

Moscarino landscape lighting installation teams are highly trained professionals who are experienced in constructing even the most complex landscape lighting designs.

Our lighting installations optimize many factors including safety, long-term functioning, durability, and maximum efficiency with minimal property disturbance.

Every lighting design is discreetly installed with little to no visible disruption to the landscape, patio, or home.