Garden Design and Plant Installation

Moscarino Outdoor Creations is Cleveland’s premier garden design and plant installation company. Our garden design professionals are known for their signature stunning formal and informal gardens.

Complete Garden Design Services

  • Initial Design Consultation
  • Garden Design Planning
  • Container Garden Design
  • Seasonal Annual Flower Beds
  • Plant and Material Selection- including shrubbery, greenery and flower placement.
  • Garden Lighting Plan

New Garden Beds

If you’re just starting out with a new bed or several beds and are overwhelmed with the choices, we can select the best plant choices for you. We can also renovate and rejuvenate existing garden beds.

Our garden design team has created a plant database that includes photos and details of hardy plants that can be, in our experience, successful through all Northeast Ohio’s seasons. Contact us today to receive the plant database for free.

Since many of our regional clients have deer issues, we carefully select plants that aren’t as appealing to deer, including a layering effect that we have had continued success with.

Low Maintenance Garden Design

Although every landscape requires some maintenance, many homeowners prefer to have minimal upkeep.  Our designers are experts in low maintenance garden design and we will work with you to create beds that are easier to care for. These gardens usually include low maintenance and drought resistant plants and shrubs.

Garden Design for Year Round Color

Moscarino Outdoor Creations works with our clients to design gardens and landscapes that bloom throughout the entire season as well as provide a touch of winter interest with a variety of pleasing colors.

When selecting the perfect color to enhance your home, we will work with you to find flowers based on color, texture and seasonal blooming times utilizing everything from spring bulbs to flowering mums to provide year round color combinations.

Plant Installation Services

We know that proper garden design and plant installation is important to the success of all formal or informal gardens and landscape beds. This starts with quality plant material selection and correct soil preparation.

Moscarino takes special care of the needs of your newly installed plants, and the results are obvious. Plant needs can vary within the plant groups and can also be based on atmospheric and geographic conditions, all of which we pay close attention to.

We also take into consideration the soil conditions and preparations, hole size, root conditions, light, and water requirements for a successful plant installation. Your plants will have better health as they begin to grow and our customers enjoy their maturing landscape sooner.

Our process helps new plantings to establish a feeder root system more quickly, enabling them to survive through weather changes. The results are consistent and lead to a gorgeous landscape.

Before Your First Garden Design Consultation

We recommend that our clients gather ideas around preferred garden types, plants, and garden landscaping area (front yard, back yard, or both).

Providing pertinent documents and information such as surveys, house plans, and pictures of the area being landscaped (and any other documentation) will be very useful to our designers in scoping and planning your garden landscaping project