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Landscaping Trends for Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are subject to trends just as much as residential properties are. The main differences lie in the types of plants and overall design elements that appear as trends. This makes sense, as the owners of commercial properties have different goals. They want landscapingthat enhances the look of their properties, but for a lower price point. Here are two trends that can help commercial property owners meet that goal.

Energy Efficiency

The very first trend on the list is energy efficiency. There are several different ways to go about this. For example, a yard that’s lined with trees, especially some that are close to the building, can provide shade that lowers air conditioning costs in the summer. In addition, lighting that’s powered by small solar panels can be placed outdoors. This way, your workers and customers will be able to see the path, while at the same time you don’t have to pay for extra electricity. Many of these light fixtures are quite attractive, and the solar panels can be easily concealed so that they don’t detract from the plants in your flowerbeds. Also, modernizing your irrigation system can save you money, while keeping your landscaping in better shape at the same time.

Low Maintenance Plants

The next trend involves plants that are very low maintenance. These will cut down on the time that is spent servicing them – saving you money. Ideally, you want plants that are designed for your local climate, as they are much easier to care for. Plus, choosing perennials (plants that live for more than season) over annuals can make a big difference. The plants won’t have to be replaced every year, which costs less. It’s also much easier to maintain a perennialbecause these plants are much less fussy. They are hardy and designed to stay alive no matter the season (although some hibernate during Ohio winters and might need to undergo some winterization methods.) For lawns, choosing grasses that are hardy and drought resistant will go a long way towards making it easy to care for your landscaping. Plus, there are ornamental grasses that are just as easy to care for – and they’ll add a little pizzazz to your yard.

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